If you are seeking therapy, please feel free to contact me by phone or email for a consultation and to set up an appointment time.  All calls and emails are confidential and will be responded to promptly.  Phone: 922 33 600, Email:

When we first talk we will discuss what is bringing you to seek therapy, scheduling, and any other questions you may have. If you feel I could be helpful to you, we will schedule an initial session.  Our first session will give you a sense of how I work and how you will feel talking to me. If, for whatever reason it doesn’t feel right fit for you, I will provide you with referrals so that you can find the right therapist for your needs.

Directions to office at Gjerdrumsvei 19

Most people find it easy to get to the office by public transportation. The 54 bus stops next to Gjerdrumsvei which a small road on the right hand side if you are heading up Maridalesveien. The bus stop is Øvre Stabburvei.   You will follow Gjerdrumsvei all the way down to the water/river (nydalasdammen) and my office is in the last tall building on the left.

If you are driving, there is a parking lot on the right hand side just before you reach the building which has free parking after 16:00.  The bus stop is Øvre Stabburvei which is directly before the Gjerdrumsvei (on the same side of the street), and is bus number 54.

You can also take the T-bane to Nydalen and walk 8-10 minutes.

I am on the 6th floor so you have to buzz to be let in and my name is on the door. Try to arrive just before the appointment time as I will be with clients, so if you arrive too early, I may not be able to buzz you in directly.  5-10 minutes before the session is best.